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Deer Isle



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Of course the best way to tell you about a place is to show it to you.

As you drive in off the main road our road becomes dirt and then when you turn off that into the driveway it's sort of like entering another world. Passing between some big boulders, you drift down the hill towards the pond, out of sight of other houses, and there's the house.

Living RoomInside, there's a sense of spaciousness even though the house itself is fairly small. The high ceiling and skylights add to this quality.

Spiral StairHere are some more views of the downstairs part of the retreat. The spiral stair, handmade in Maine of cherry is an elegant yet playful element.


KitchenHere's the kitchen. That's me in the photo over the stove.

View back from the Living RoomNow you're looking at the whole of the downstairs across the central bar/counter, with the spiral stair in the background by the door you first entered through.


Spiral Stair, looking downUpstairs now, looking down the spiral....


Looking down from UpstairsAnd now upstairs, looking down into the living room/dining room.


Window to the WorldHere, you're standing on the balcony as in the photo above, but looking straight out -- a window inspired by those at the Isabella Gardner Museum.....

The Bed

This is the wonderful bedroom, tucked under the eaves with skylights above the bed for watching clouds and eagles and stars.

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