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OK, let's go outside.

Living RoomThis is the corner of the house, closer to the pond where the round front of the house looks out. It's a great place to sit outside with a book or you can wander from here over to the screen house.

Spiral StairSame corner, you just stepped a few more steps down the path.

View back from the Living RoomFirst, cross over to the screen house. This is also where you will launch your canoe or kyack from. Wear your Tevas if it has been raining.... You can see the screen house through the trees.


Spiral Stair, looking downThe screen house with its Adirondack chairs and not much else. Perfect for a sunset glass of wine or lemonade... Yes?


Looking down from UpstairsCase in point.....




Window to the WorldOK, just so you get the idea of the beauty and the magic, this Ladies Slipper, a rare plant, was growing right beside the house in early June. Such amazing gifts....

The BedSame day, there were three trillium in a little patch of sunshine in the woods next to the house. More nature magic.



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