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Just a few more.

Living RoomThis is the back of the house where you enter from the driveway.

Spiral StairMarigolds just after they were planted. Star gazer lillies are behind. Dahlias are planted in cedar tubs nearby. Please enjoy!

View back from the Living RoomThere you catch a corner of the mechanical building, on the left, where the heat and hot water live, creating more quiet in the house. And that little garden is also just between there and the porch.

Spiral Stair, looking downIntroducing Woods Pond, also know locally as Third Pond. It's a great pond to explore by canoe or kyack -- small enough to know where you are and large enough to lend many days of adventure. Blue Hill is in the background.

Looking down from UpstairsThis is the spot where you might slip a canoe into the water or where you could step out into the pond yourself. Shallow enough to wade with a sandy bottom in much of this cove, then deeper as you head into the pond.


Window to the WorldThis was taken in February 2009. This was just after some friends had stayed at the house, enjoying snowshoe adventures on the pond. A lot of snow!

The BedThe gazebo in the snow. Bundle up and sit here for a bit just to let yourself be surrounded by the quiet. Of course, it's warmer back at the house with the radiant heat in the floors, but still....


Tracks in the SnowTracks across the pond. Here are my snowshoe tracks after I'd hiked across to the point on the other side of the cove, out around some rocks and back again.

Winter at the PondLooking from the woods across the pond. Blue Hill in the background. Folks here hike up there every week of the year. Awanadjo, our own small misty mountain.

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